Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs — the Most Important Part!​

We all overlook the garage door springs until we can’t open our garage door. The springs, along with the related parts that make up the door’s counterbalance system, are what allow us to easily open and close the garage door by hand (or more commonly allow the garage door opener to easily open and close the garage door). The springs do the “heavy lifting” while the door opener simply automates the work of the counterbalance system.

Garage Door Torsion Springs on a rack in our warehouse

Give Us a Call First!

Our springs are available for sale, but we ask that you call our office at (708) 652-9405 before coming in to purchase. A quick conversation will allow us to explain what we need from you in order to sell you the correct spring — and to check to see if it’s in stock first!

Difference Between Torsion and Extension Springs

The correct spring for your door and proper installation both necessary for your door to function evenly, smoothly and safely. There are two types of spring applications used in our area today; torsion springs and extension springs. When replacing either of these two types you must use a spring that has been calculated for your specific door. There is no such thing as a standard spring. When determining which spring to put on your door we use the door’s dimensions and the door’s weight to calculate the size of the spring.

Many of us use our garage door as the main entrance to the home, opening and closing the door each time we come and go. With this frequency of use, springs are often replaced within 5-7 years of their original installation. This is based on the industry standard spring life cycle rating of 10,000 (a cycle is one up and one down). In situations you will be using the garage door frequently we can calculate an increased life cycle spring for you.

Most importantly garage door springs are DANGEROUS. We advise you to hire a professional. While we would hope to be the professional you choose, we would rather you choose a competitor than try to do this yourself.