Garage Door Spring Repair

Most of us never pay attention to the springs until the door won’t open. If you suspect an issue with the spring, give us a call to schedule a garage door spring repair. A common mistake is to think that something is wrong with the door’s opener and continually press the opener button; do not do this as it can cause damage to the opener.

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About the Springs

The garage door springs are part of your door’s counterbalance system. The counterbalance system is what allows you to open and close the door easily. When a door is properly installed, with all the correct components, you will be able to lift or lower the door easily by hand and it will sit in the middle (½ way) of the opening. If your door slams down, flies up quickly, or is uneven, the springs are in need of adjustment. For a garage door to operate smoothly and safely it is absolutely necessary that you have the correct springs installed — so give us a ring!

Garage door spring inventory

Springs in Stock

We stock both torsion and extension springs in our shop. We have springs on hand to complete 99% of residential spring repairs. From our complete stock of extension springs to our custom cut torsion springs, we are sure to have the spring that your door requires.

When you call us for service, we will ask you questions to help us determine what spring sizes to take on the truck. If, when we access your situation and take measurements, we need something other than we have on our truck you don’t need to worry. The tech will simply come back to the warehouse to pick-up or custom cut the spring OR someone else on our team will deliver it to the job site. Our goal is to get your door working in as little time as possible. You do not need to worry if we have the parts/springs you need. We stock everything right here in our warehouse.

When you want to purchase a spring outright we will measure your old/broken spring, ask about the existing door (to assure that spring size makes sense as there we often run into doors that have the wrong spring on them) and then make up the spring in our shop.

Have Questions? Let's Chat!

Give us a call at (708) 652-9405, or

How to Repair a Broken Spring

With the proper tools & Training

With the proper tools and training, you can replace an extension or torsion spring. While replacing a spring isn’t rocket science it is very dangerous. There is a lot of tension on the springs (and cables); one slip, wrong move or use of the wrong tool could cost you a trip to the ER. We don’t say this to be overly dramatic; we know from experience and stories told over the years that springs and their components must be taken seriously.

For anyone that decides to complete a spring repair themselves we recommend learning from and working with someone that has replaced springs and installed doors before. Of course, we are here to service your broken spring and we hope that you will call us. However, if you don’t decide to work with us and you don’t have anyone to teach you please use another professional. We would rather you work with a competitor than risk injury.

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