Garage Door Giveaway

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How to win your FREE* garage door (and installation)!

Forest Garage Doors, along with our vendor North Central Door Company is giving away a FREE garage door* and FREE installation* to one lucky winner in your area. All you need to do is fill out the giveaway form below and let us know why we should choose you! 

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    * The fine print:

    • To win you must reside in zip codes 60154 or 60526 and have received a postcard in the mail. No postcard, no entry. Your postcard is also not transferrable to someone else in your zip code.
    • The residence is a single-family home that is a personal residence and this is where the door installation will take place (rental properties do not qualify)
    • Maximum Door Width: 16’ Maximum Door Height: 8’
    • Models available from North Central Door Company are RP-25, LP-25, AR-25, ARL-25, TF-II, TR-II, AR-II, ARL-II. All solid color options are included. Bi-directional woodgrain is available on “-II” models for an additional charge.
    • Standard window options are available in clear, non-insulated. Insulated or specialty glass will be charged to the homeowner.
    • Installation includes removal of the existing overhead door*, hardware, and track, and professional installation of the new door furnished by Forest Door with all new commercial-grade hardware. All removed sections, parts, and debris will be hauled away by Forest Door. 
    • If any additional work is necessary, such as, but not limited to, the back jambs and frame of opening, this will be at an additional charge. 
    • Garage doors installed in openings with uneven, cracked, or broken concrete may not seal. This is a concrete issue that must be resolved with a concrete contractor.
    • This giveaway is for the replacement of an existing sectional overhead door; not a one-piece door, not a sliding door, not a rolling door, or any other type of door that is not a standard overhead sectional garage door
    • Does not include a garage door opener
    • Installation includes a 1-year parts and labor warranty
    • Existing garage door openers will be attached to the new door if in working condition. No warranty on the customer’s existing opener
    North Central Door Company

    About North Central Door Company

    Located in Minnesota NCDC manufactures steel garage door sections that have a reputation for durability and strength. Their doors are designed to perform in challenging, fluctuating climates; sub-zero temps in winter and hot, humid summers. Forest has chosen to work with NCDC as they have built their business on like-minded values and their development and testing of the products they offer is superior.  NC doors are proudly made in the USA and they’ve been around – over 50 years.

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